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August 6, 2012
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MLP - Hush now, mommy... by DanteIncognito MLP - Hush now, mommy... by DanteIncognito
Full view, please.

Fanfics written about this drawing by other bronies:

- ~P0nies's: "Time to Lay Your Sleepy Head"

Spring Berry:

"Hush now, quiet now
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, quiet now
Prepare for the path ahead

Drift, drift up above
The angels are beside you then
Drift, drift up above
One day we'll meet again..."

*Heart monitor gives warning sign*

"Goodbye, mommy...
Have sweet dreams... ❤"


.....This is what happened in my dream in the night of Sunday, the 5th of August, 2012...
...I can tell that this was one of the most saddest dreams I've ever had...

Let me explain this dream:
In this dream of mine, I saw Fluttershy sitting in a chair (what differs from this drawing).
A chair like this one: [link]
In this dream I saw the backside of the chair the whole time, so I didn't see her face (thank goodness...:sniff:)

Fluttershy was very, very, very ill. Her mane was messy and had lost the bright color of pink. The same was for her fur coat of vanilla yellow. The bad part was: she didn't move at all....

Beside her, stood a little filly. She looked so much like Fluttershy. But it wasn't her, since Fluttershy was sitting in that chair.

...She smiled, she talked a bit. But she was crying.
The similarity of the two was perfect. Her mane was pink and her fur coat was vanilla colored.
I was certain of it that the little filly was Fluttershy's daughter.
I didn't hear her name, or something about who her father was.

A few moments later...Fluttershy passed away... And right after that I woke up with a sad mood. I didn't cry of course, but I felt horrible, even though it was a dream about cartoon ponies.

I felt so sorry for that little filly. And it was awful to see Fluttershy pass away and see that her daughter had to say farewell to her own mother.
I just had to make a drawing of it. I wanted to show everyone how sad it was. But this time, she wouldn't pass away in a chair. This time she would leave her body behind in a hospital room.

I called this filly: Spring Berry.
And I made her another version of Fluttershy's lullaby, as a farewell to her mother.
AND I made a separate drawing of her ([link])

I never thought that my second MLP OC would be made out of a dream.

I hope I won't have a dream like this one in a long... long time...

I know it has something to do with my upcoming fan-comic that goes about Fluttershy. I just know it.

Fluttershy, My Little Pony: FiM © Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Spring Berry by *DanteIncognito
Drawing made by *DanteIncognito

5th of August, 2012


Thank you for all the faves :+fav: =)
I really appreciate it =)

EDIT: Friday, 10th of August, 2012

I've been thinking about making a comic about Fluttershy with her filly: No sadness, no tears.
Only happiness and laughter!
So please check the news about it from time to time =)

EDIT 2: Friday, 17th of November, 2012

It will contain sadness, but in the end. Everypony will be happy and all will be laughing again! :D
So please check my DeviantArt journals about it from time to time =)
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What's a brony?
Stevenator-20xx Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

This pic is sad and very touching at the same time. It also made sense when she said: "goodbye mommy, sweet dreams"

Because I believe the afterlife is like a permanent lucid dream where your dreams and imaginations come to life as you want ^^

It also reminded me of a film I found starring robin Williams in "Dreams that may come"

Showing about heaven where whatever your imagine about becomes real. Like Cartoon characters we love so much like MLP etc ;) and hell would be your fears and nightmares 

Not the systematic Christian heaven and hell as said by the bible
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soo sad :crying: waaaaaaaaaah
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May you rest in peace Fluttershy.
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Why is the "In the Night Garden" theme while I'm looking at this?
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