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What is DeviantArt? Part 1

Although it’s getting rarer these days, I sometimes come across people who ask me what exactly “DeviantArt” means.  Before I begin to explain all the amazing things our community has to offer, they sometimes look at me sideways and say, "Deviant, eh? One of those websites..."
Most marketing experts would never name a site "DeviantArt," because the word "deviant" has multiple meanings that can be interpreted in different — not always positive — ways.  Yet we are the greatest, most diverse art community in existence.  Few branding agencies would ever make DeviantArt its infamous green/gray color.  Yet we love it, and have become known for it.
Where else can you stunning fan artists alongside the best nature photographers in the world?  Or top comic book artists alongside the most talented storytellers of our generation?  We are DeviantArt, the wild card of the Internet, th
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Hey everyone!

Dante here with an update.
Just to inform you about the previous journal: HWCon 2015 was a great experience! I won't be surprised if I will go again next year! :D

I have been absent for a long time again when it comes to pony art, I know.
And since this account of mine is purely fan related (and my other Ansem1000 is more "professional" related) I won't hold back to get in some more fan related things and other stuff during this journal.

But let's get back to the pony art:
The reason why I've been making less My Little Pony art is actually because I have worked on my own projects. There are two which were pretty big schoolprojects, which I currently have transformed into free-time projects:
"Cosera: Journey of Tales" (June, 2014) With the voice of Emily Koch ( kochandpepsi )
"Laura's Hersteltocht" (June, 2015) (ENG: "Laura's Recovery Journey") More info: Laura's facebook

In other words, I have been busy with my own works, which contain complete original characters. So no ponies involved. Both of the projects are currently still running.
And maybe I can show it soon on my account: Ansem1000

But unfortunatly there is also another reason why I haven't made much pony art anymore. I haven't had that much interest in it anymore.
With thatMaybe you remember my old journal entry: People leaving the fandom, but let me inform you
I talked here about the subject that people were leaving the fandom, because Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn, but more important: A princess. 
I still stand with my point that Hasbro made a very brave decision to drastically change a main character. However, I can also understand why you won't likt something like that. But unfortunately I want to talk for a brief moment about the episodes of season 4 and 5.
It became in the past seasons more money-grabbing (in my opinion). Well, maybe money-grabbing isn't the best explaination. What I mean is: Hasbro might need to give the writers and animaters more time to come up with more interesting stuff. Right now the, again in my opinion, Hasbro only looks for ways to sell more toys. 
All of that was downright demotivating me. Leading to making less and less MLP things.
BUT, I'd like to make it clear that I am still watching the show and follow the comics. 
And to add something important: The latest couple of episodes of season 5 begin to get better and better! It's amazing that we get background information about several characters that have been on the show for such a long time and I LOVE that! But now it will have a hiatus for some time, but we'll be waiting for more episodes!

However this doesn't mean that it will lead to me finally making more MLP work again in a short time. I'm not going to make a promise where I don't have 100% certainty if I will actually do that in some time. If I make art, I'll upload it. If I don't make MLP art, I won't. Easy as that :)
But I wanted to say that the writers and leads over at Hasbro etc. finally realized that they need to get back to the roots on why and how "My Little Pony: Friendschip is Magic" was such a succes.

And even after all of this. I can still say with a smile that "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" still has a "special place in my heart".
And I still love you all, the followers, my friends, brothers and sisters. We're family! You are also a reason why I would make all of the works I've made so far. But please understand that I will be working more on original stuff, than MLP stuff. Which also brings me back to my other account, I am also slowly getting a bit back to my roots: "Ratchet & Clank" fan art. But who knows what the future brings to this account! :D

But in the meantime: I'm still here. I've never left the fandom. I still love to draw to this very day. And I don't have any intention right now to leave it all behind :D

Very cheesy, I know, but I honestly don't care! I think this fandom can handle this level of cheesiness!

Thank you very much for reading!

Kind regards,

Dante William (Michel M. Prins)
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Dante William / Michel M. Prins
Artist | Student | Varied
The pseudonym of a man with dreams.

Nothing much to say about me.
Except that I'm a hard working artist, who likes to "fight" for the fun! =D


Project(s) I've been part of and/or lead:
- The MLP fan-episode Double Rainboom - Functions: Animator, SPFX animator and subtitle translator
- The cartoon animation Hell Hath no Hoagie - Functions: Concept artist, animator, promotional artist

Projects where I'm currently a part of:
- The MLP fan animation Journey of the Spark - Functions: Animator, background artist, concept artist (currently having a break on this project)
- The animation series True Tail - Function: Environmental design
- The animation series Azadae - Functions: Promotional artist, writer (currently having a break on this project)

Projects that I'm leading at the moment:
- Hush Now Mommy - Functions: Project leader, lead designer, lead music designer



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